Van Gogh. Letters to Theo

The letters are read by sports commentaror Vasily Utkin
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  • My dear Teo! I more come to the conclusion that about God it is impossible to judge by the world created by him: it is only the unsuccessful etude. Wanted to write to you about a lot of things, but it is senseless to tell all this, really our pictures have to tell it … Well, I paid by my life for my work and it costed me a half of my mind … Take care, mentally I shake your hands, sincerely yours, Vincent.
  • My dear Teo! Loneliness – rather big misfortune, something like prison. What it will bring me to – it is difficult to tell for this reason it is more pleasant for me to be among (inside) people who even don't know the word "loneliness", for example among peasants, weavers etc., than in educated society. I am personally convinced that I will achieve the best results, representing a plot in all his roughness, than trying to give it conditional grace.
  • My dear Teo! From time to time I feel old and broken and nevertheless still so capable to love not to be completely in the power of painting charms. To achieve success, it is necessary to have vanity, and vanity seems for me ridiculous. I don't know what will leave from me … Presently it is easier for the one who seems the rich man to break through, probably, than to the one who looks a beggar. It is better to live happily, than to commit a suicide.
  • My dear Teo! I work as mad: now gardens is blossom and I want to draw a Provencal garden in terribly joyful paints. In the morning I drew plums in bloom. But terrible wind started. I never saw it. Wind flew rushes, and in intervals there was the sun, and on plum each flower sparkled. It was great!.
  • My dear Teo! As I want to find something that calmed would like and would console us, that would help us not to feel guilty and unfortunate and to go on our life without suffering from loneliness, without going astray, without being afraid of anything … I would like to become such as wonderful Giotto which hurt eternally, but was always full of a heat and new thoughts. As I envy his confidence which in any circumstances makes the person happy, joyful, cheerful!
  • My dear Teo! Of course, the best for me – not be one, but I will prefer to carry out all my life to be single, than to offer others life for my life saving. In owr time the painting – sad and nasty craft. I won't hide from you, I would prefer to die if only not to be the cause of so many troubles for others and myself. There's nothing to be done! Suffer and don't complain – here the only lesson which should be acquired in this life.
  • My dear Teo! The local atmosphere begins to weigh me inexpressibly. Well, I suffered more than a year, now air is necessary for me: I feel crushed by boredom and grief … As the artist I any more will never become something considerable – I am absolutely confident in it. Victor Hugo speaks: God is a blinking beacon which flashes, fades away; now I undoubtedly worry such moment when it went out.

The multimedia exhibition “Van Gogh. Letters to Theo” will open at ARTPLAY on June 16. The artist’s correspondence with his brother Theo spans the two major periods of his career — the years when he worked in his native Netherlands and the years spent in France. The visitors of the exhibition will get to know all the details of the artist’s life, as well as his views on art, his own place in this world and even on God. The letters are read by sports commentaror Vasily Utkin.



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